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The Zambeze Delta, once holding one of the highest concentrations of game in Arica per square mile

The wildlife population was decimated in the civil war from the early 70s until 1990 when peace finally won the day. Before the war, the delta was arguably over populated and had in excess of 40 000 buffalo and 70 000 buffalo. When safari hunting was reopened in Mozambique, in 1994, the first game count revealed 1200 buffalo and a small scattering of waterbuck . Worthy of mention, is that in Coutada 11, we only knew of one herd of 44 sable. Today, the delta has over 20 000 buffalo and Coutada 11 over 2000 sable. The wild life numbers have come back incredibly well.

From the tiny Suni all the way up to Buffalo. We now have the highest unfenced sable concentration in Africa today. Hunters on safari continue to be amazed at the incredible diversity and shere numbers of game the delta and specifically Coutada 11 has today. Coutada 11 boasts the highest concentration of wildlife in Mozambique, a higher concentration than any national park. This is a great achievement for an area funded solely through hunting and the sustainable utilisation of wildlife. Unfortunately , our now high wildlife numbers attracts more pressure from the poaching sector, both subsistence and commercial. It stands to reason that success for a poacher comes easier in an area where wildlife is so abundant. We started with a small anti poaching unit of 6 rangers. Today it has grown to a 22 man unit with a full time head ranger. In addition to this we have a quick response unit on dirt bikes that are able to respond fast when poaching presence or poachers themselves are seen by our hunters whilst on safari. In our attempt to stay ahead of the poachers, we now have a unit that operates year round. We would like to include extra dirt bikes, a Polaris Ranger vehicle as well as a dedicated vehicle for the unit as well as further professional training. The funds raised from this fund raising drive will be used 100% for anti poaching and community related issues that benefit the conservation of wildlife in Coutada 11. There will be zero administration fees.

Carolyn Huckabee ( fondly known as Mom ) is hosting a cocktail party in Dallas for this fund raiser on Friday 10 the January 2014. The auction will be closed at 06.00 pm on this day and the successful bidders will be awarded the items they have bought. You are all invited. We would be very grateful of your support.

Mark Haldane CEO
Zambeze Delta Safaris


Javan Rusa Deer Hunt

Current Bid: $1500


Craig Boddington's Ruger Number One .450/.400-3”

Current Bid: $2050


Blaser R8 PH Model in 300 Win Mag

Current Bid: $3575


Craig Boddingtons white tail deer donation

Current Bid: $5500


10 Day Buffalo Hunt in Coutada 11 - Zambeze Delta Safaris - Mozambique - Africa

Current Bid: $12500


John X Safaris - Eastern Cape - South Africa PlainsGame Hunt

Current Bid: $3200


LifeForm Taxidermy

Current Bid: $1100


Video Africa Productions

Current Bid: $2750


Safari Air Cargo

Current Bid: $700


Dinner with Mark Haldane

Current Bid: $350


Dinner with Glen Haldane

Current Bid: $375


PURA VIDA (The Good Life) in Quepos, Costa Rica

Current Bid: $3200